Monday, November 7, 2011

I Was Promised an Extra Hour

Daylight Savings Time promises us an extra hour so why is it that I never seem to actually get an extra hour? Saturday night Sully actually woke up to eat twice instead of his normal one time and then the kids were up bright and early at 6:00am. So much for getting an extra hour of much needed sleep.

Life really seems to be catching up to me lately. I'm tired all the time. In the mornings I hit the snooze button twice just trying to eek out a few more minutes of sleep. During the day I am so forgetful that I literally have to write even the most basic things down on sticky notes. Things like, eat lunch, or drink coffee. Then, I forget to look at the notes and end up forgetting to do the very things I wrote down. By the time I get home I'm basically ready to crawl into bed. Last night I sent the kids upstairs to get their pajamas on right around 5:30 p.m. which is nearly two hours prior to their bedtimes. I keep hoping things will get better once the baby is sleeping through the night but I'm doubtful.

Halloween was amazing, with the kids just being as cute as they could be. SB was Anakin Skywalker, QT was an owl and little Sully was Yoda:

My return to work was hectic but with one big project complete and another almost complete I'm hoping it will slow down just a tad. It's amazing how the days just seem to blend into one another and before I even realize it, it's the weekend again, and then it's Monday again and the start of a new week. I still can't believe Thanksgiving is in two short weeks, much less that it's practically Christmas, something I'm reminded of with each store I step into.

Hopefully I will start to update things here more - if only I could find the sticky where I wrote that down!

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