Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Running Out of Time (and Energy)

I have just about a month left of my maternity leave and am realizing more and more with each passing day that my goals are not getting accomplished. They are not lofty goals, they are simple goals, like getting the dining room table cleared off once and for all, organizing the nursery so Sully can move into his own room once he's too small for the co-sleeper, coming up with some sort of workable schedule to get everything done every week (the basics of laundry, meals, etc), putting together an easy to navigate work wardrobe so I don't have to try on three outfits each morning before figuring out what still fits me and what doesn't and sorting through all the toys in my house to get rid of all the junk and make it easier for the kids to find what they want and clean up after themselves. Yesterday I did manage to accomplish one goal, which was trimming the tree in the front yard and the bush in the back. Of course, there are a ton more bushes to trim but I'll take what I can get. Hopefully the cool weather today will inspire me to get back out there and trim up at least one more bush.

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