Monday, July 18, 2011


Lately I have been trying to figure out ways to simplify my life. Adding a new baby to the mix seems counter intuitive to simplifying but adding a new baby is what has spurred my desire to simplify. Most of my nesting this time around has revolved around things like getting the kitchen counter tops cleaned off and re-organizing underneath the kitchen sink and the bathroom closet. I've throw away a ton of stuff that I either haven't used in years or honestly have never used. Just how many different types of cleaners does one lady need, specially one who doesn't clean all that often? So, slowly but surely I've been trying to pare things down. I've packed up books, clothes, shoes and household items to give away and have felt great about doing so. And yet, when I look around my house I still see so much clutter. The dining room table, no matter how hard I try, never is cleaned off for more than five minutes. My closet is still so stuffed full of clothes, in a wide range of sizes, that I don't think there is room for any more to go in. The den a/k/a the playroom is bursting at the seems with plastic toys that my children are better at taking out and playing with than they are at putting them away.

I think part of simplifying isn't just about getting rid of stuff but getting rid of certain expectations I have. In my world, the toys are displayed neatly in bins and are organized according to type of toy. You know, all the toy dinosauers are together, all the Matchbox cars are together, the Goodnight Moon game box actually contains all the pieces. In this world I would never be asked "where is the mommy" that goes with the dollhouse because, of course, the mommy would always be with with dollhouse. Too high of an expectation for a four and two-year-old? You bet. And so, part of this process for me is giving up on my vision for the world. Or, put a better way, perhaps not giving up but modifying my vision. With the toys my vision has adjusted to include that the kids will put their toys away prior to heading upstairs to bed each night. I don't care where they put them, so long as they are contained in a bin somewhere. You want the mommy for the dollhouse? Then go start digging!

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