Friday, July 22, 2011

And the Amnio Results Show Lung Maturity!

Tuesday I had another ob appointment. I was 37weeks and 2 days and 3cm dilated. That is exactly the same place I was with QB and I went into labor less than a week later. My doctor said he'd schedule an induction at 39 weeks or I could have an amnio performed to test for lung maturity and if it came back showing maturity that he would schedule an induction for this weekend. Apparently things have changed in the last two years and it is now unacceptable to schedule an induction prior to 39 weeks without proving lung maturity.

So, yesterday I had an amnio done. The procedure in and of itself wasn't bad at all. First, they did an ultrasound to see how the baby was positioned and to measure the amount of fluid. Then, the perinatologist came and guided a very long yet very thin needle into the upper part of my baby belly. I chose to watch everything on the ultrasound so I didn't see him put the needle in. I felt a small poke and then another poke as the needle went through the uterus. It was actually pretty neat to be able to see the needle on the ultrasound and then see the fluid moving around as it was drawn up into the syringe. What I actually felt the most was him pulling out the needle but even that isn't what I would describe as painful.

After the amnio the baby's heart rate was monitored for about half an hour. Unlike Tuesday when it was mainly in the 150s, with just a few spikes into the 170s when I was having contractions, yesterday it was mainly in the 170s and getting into the 180s. I really hope that issue resolves itself after delivery as I hate thinking there might be something wrong with the baby's heart.

As I was walking back to my car the nurse called with the first set of results and it was borderline. Apparently, they do a quick test and then if that doesn't come back showing maturity they send the sample for further testing. This morning I got the call that the extended test showed that the baby's lungs are mature. So, now I'm just waiting on my doctor to call to let me know when he wants to do the induction. I've known now for some time that I'm going to have a baby and yet I'm now a huge bundle of nerves. I'm scared things won't go smoothly and I'll regret choosing the induction, I'm scared that something will be wrong with the baby, I'm scared that I'll develop another blood clot even only being off the blood thinners for a day or so, and now, as I feel the baby moving inside me, I'm even feeling a little sad knowing that this may be my last day pregnant - ever. I feel as though I'm ready and as though I'm completely unprepared all at the same time.

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