Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Could I Be Any Lazier?

I suppose I could be if I didn't have to work and didn't have two young children at home, but given that those things aren't changing, I think I'm being about as lazy as possible.

To update:

My last two natural killer cell levels have come back completely normal so that is great news and such a relief.

My last thyroid panel also came back normal. It's been easily over a year since it really got wacky so it's nice thinking it's found it's way back to normal again.

My last ob check was good. The baby's heart rate was good and I've been feeling lots of little kicks and twists and turns so an active baby makes for a happy, less worried, mom.

My last heparin check came back low but I haven't heard back from the doctor if he wants to up my dose or if I should just get it re-checked again in another month. I'm wondering if having the test run so far away from when I do the actual shot is making it come back low. At least it came back showing there was some in my blood which wasn't happening when I was only doing one shot a day.

So, all in all, things are on the right track and I find myself smiling more and worrying less.

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