Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fat Injections

Today I felt a little queasy and I've never been happier. Having lost a pregnancy where I was terribly sick the entire time it makes zero sense for me to want to get sick and yet feeling sick makes everything seem more real. And, I've had two successful pregnancies where I was sick, whereas the one pregnancy where I was never sick ended badly.

The ultrasound on Thursday went okay. For a brief time I thought I might have a blighted ovum. I honestly couldn't see anything in the sac but then things shifted and I could make out the yolk sac. The doc said there was a start of a fetal pole but I couldn't see that. They are dating the pregnancy at 5wk2d and fetal pole or yolk sac measured exactly that. The gestational sac measured 5wk5d, so a little ahead. I return on Thursday for another ultrasound and at 6wk2d we should definitely see a baby and a heartbeat. It makes me nervous just to type that.

After the ultrasound we reviewed my blood work results and my natural killer cells are elevated. Dr. Coulam said that could be from my body fighting off an infection or it could be my immune system reacting to the pregnancy. They drew more blood but I was afraid to wait until next week for the results because if they came back elevated again then would it be too late to treat them? So, we decided to go ahead and do an intralipid infusion just in case. The nurse got the IV in pretty easily, which is amazing since so many people have had a hard time doing that in the past, and then I just sat there for about an hour while the white liquid fat dripped into my arm. I never thought I'd be so happy to be getting fat put directly into my veins. I'm hopeful that if the natural killer cells are an issue that we caught it in time.

I've got Christmas gifts to wrap and a house to clean up so I'm going...........although probably going to nap instead of actually do those things. I'm worn out.

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