Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sticker Shock

Let me first say that in no way am I complaining. I am thrilled beyond belief to be pregnant again. However, at my doctor's office yesterday there was a moment of complete sticker shock. I'll break it down:

1. $35 co-pay
2. $50 shipping and handling fee for the blood work
3. $450 paid upfront to the lab for the blood work, hopefully my insurance will reimburse me for some of this amount
4. $15 for gas because the office is 85 miles away
5. $2.50 for tolls

That's a total of $552.50 PER VISIT and I'll be visiting once a week for at least the next 10 weeks. Grand total......drum roll please.......$5,525.00. Holy cats! I am completely clueless where that money is coming from but I'm hoping I have to figure out a way to come up with it because that would mean 10 weeks from now I'm still pregnant.

On to better numbers,

my hcg level at 12dpo was 48, at 14 dpo it was 190 and the latest is at 17dpo it was 750. My progesterone has been between 35 and 45 so that is good too.

In other big news,

During my visit with Dr. Coulam yesterday she not only did blood work but an ultrasound. At only 4wk3d pregnant it seemed almost silly and yet I could see a little tiny circle with a dot showing where the implantation was. It was amazing. Next week I'm hoping to see a baby.

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