Monday, December 27, 2010

And Now, Nothing

Ugh! I haven't thrown up since the breakfast incident on Friday. What the heck? Sure, sometimes I feel a little nauseous but I'd rather have the full-on vomiting. I've also been eating more this pregnancy than any of my previous ones. In the past, I've always lost quite a bit of weight in the first and even second trimesters. So far, I haven't lost any. Today at lunch I ate an entire tuna melt whereas with all four other pregnancies I would have had a hard time even eating half. What does all this mean? Probably nothing as what is that thing I keep hearing? "Every pregnancy is different." But, what it really means is that I just have more things to feed my worry.

Last week I ordered a doppler and according to the United States Postal Service it should arrive today. I know I'm crazy for thinking I'll be able to find the heartbeat when I'm just eight weeks pregnant tomorrow but I'm crazy like that. I need some reassurance and it doesn't help that in the past my ob/gyn has always been able to find the heartbeat with a doppler sometime in the eight week. Please pray that I can find it and that it's still there to be found.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was good and I even managed to get through two family celebrations without spilling the beans. I think we're going to wait until closer to Valentine's Day to tell everyone, although that seems so very far away.

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