Thursday, October 21, 2010

Now is the Time

I was paging through a catalog last night, as I am apt to do as I receive about five new ones each day in the months leading up to Christmas, when I saw a silver ring inscribed with the saying "Now is the time to be happy. If not now, when?" It hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes, of course, NOW is the time to be happy. Why wallow in misery when you can choose happiness? I am happy quite a bit of the time, like when I see SB and QT playing with the kitten and laughing until they are almost crying, or when SB falls asleep next to me in bed right after telling me how he loves me more than anything on this earth, or when the kids and the husband give me big hugs before I leave for work every morning. So, I'm making progress. I just need to kick the sadness over my losses to the curb and remember that now is the time.

I'd also love to kick the massive headache I have today to the curb with some Frova, but unfortunately, I'm not supposed to take migraine medicine when I'm waiting to see if I'm pregnant. I'd love to think that this is a good sign but I think the headache was brought on my atmospheric pressure as it rained last night and also possibly by the progesterone that I'm on. That's the bad thing about progesterone, it can make you feel pregnant even when you're not. Cruel, cruel progesterone.

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