Friday, October 1, 2010

IVF is Back on the Table!

Just the other day I posted about wanting just one day where things seemed to go my way. Well, perhaps today is that day.

I've been testing this week and each test has shown just one dark pink line. It's looking like I am not pregnant. And so, with that in mind, I decided to move ahead and fill the femara, ovidrel and progesterone prescriptions I've had since we thought about doing an IUI back in April prior to finding out I was pregnant. The husband made his 100th trip to the Walgreens to get them filled. Later that night he made his 101st trip back to pick them up. Here's where things get good - my insurance paid for them!

I thought that maybe we just got lucky so I decided to do some investigating. I called my insurance company and questioned if Gonal-f or Follistim were covered drugs. Yes, indeed they are and I can even get a 15 day supply for a mere $35 co-pay. Holy cats! I am in heaven thinking that we could do an IVF and have the meds virtually paid for. Of course, that still doesn't answer where we're getting the $11,000 to pay for the actual IVF procedure, but it sure is easier to come up with $11,000 than $18,000.

In this moment, I am happy and excited about the future.

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