Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blindly Moving Forward

Today my new cycle started and so with a bottle full of Femara on my desk, a syringe full of Ovidrel in my fridge, and a massive stash of progesterone and Lovenox, I am set to begin an IUI cycle. I called the clinic today and scheduled a day 11 ultrasound and am hoping that my blood work and consultation with Dr. Coulam happens prior to that ultrasound. The ultrasound is scheduled for the 16th so I really just have next week. Yikes.

In other news, my thyroid is still very wacky. Four months ago my TSH was over 5. After a mere one month on medication it plummeted all the way down to 0.10. At that time I asked the doctor if he was going to change the dosage but he firmly answered no and told me that I had the test done too soon and that I needed to stay on the same dose and get tested after I'd been on the meds three months. Well, it's been three months and the results are in and my TSH has dropped even further to 0.03. Clearly, to me anyway, I am on too much medication and it is making me hyperthyroid. I only have one pill left so before I go and refill the medication I am hoping that the doctor will call and let me know what in the world he thinks is going on.

And so, despite have basically zero answers, I am moving forward.

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