Monday, August 2, 2010

Going Places

Thursday night I settled in to read SB some stories before bed. He dawdled trying to find the book he wanted in the easily 100 books on his bookshelf. We love books (as any normal person should). Finally his eyes got very big and his little hand reached in and grabbed "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" He hadn't picked that book for me to read in easily six months and yet that night he deemed it to be the perfect book. Of course, he is too young to read this blog or to know what I've named it. He's also too young to know that we had buried his little sister that afternoon. Sometimes I think children just know what you need without even understanding it. I started this blog in the midst of our trying for our second child and choose the name because I considered myself to be in the waiting place. And so the waiting place is where I find myself once again. I hope it's a short stay.

Tomorrow I meet with my newest RE to discuss my options now that I know the IVIG therapy will be covered by my insurance. He is pushing for IVF but I am thinking perhaps we should try a cycle or two of IUI. I'm anxious to start doing something and have been worried that an upcoming business trip I am taking is going to interfere. My next cycle will probably start within a week and then I'll be gone for six days. Everything I read about IVIG is that it needs to be done 7-10 days before ovulation and so I don't want to find out that I need to wait next cycle out because I won't be in town when I need the treatment.

While I am physically going places my excess weight doesn't seem to be going anywhere. And, in fact, it seems to be inviting friends to come over and hang out. Honestly, I didn't eat very well last week and this past weekend was one bad choice after another. This week will be challenging as well. Tonight I am having dinner with a friend, Wednesday I am going out to lunch to catch up with a co-worker on all of our favorite tv shows, and Friday the family is going to the State Fair where there are over 60 food items sold on sticks. How can you pass up food on a stick?

I'm not the only one going places, SB had his first day of school today. Where has my little baby gone? He was so excited and looked so incredibly cute walking into school with his big backpack on. The husband and I hung out in the classroom a little while and then when the teacher was finished checking everyone in we went to leave. SB gave me a big hug and a kiss but only after lamenting that doing so was taking him away from playing with the blocks. Yea, I think he will enjoy kindergarten.

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