Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Broken Eggs

So you know how I was putting all my eggs into one basket and hoping that the new new doctor would be willing to deal with all of my issues? Well, the basket broke right along with all the eggs in it. Things seemed to be going fine until I brought up IVIG and the doctor literally rolled his eyes at me and just said "no." No what I asked and he was then happy to tell me how he doesn't believe that elevated levels of natural killer cells really mean anything in relation to miscarriages. According to him, there just isn't enough data out there to support the theory that IVIG will help. Gee, imagine that, pregnant women aren't willing to be guinea pigs and risk losing their babies in order to provide data for doctors who for the most part are already dismissive of the seriousness of miscarriages. I did manage to pry out of him, however, that there is no harm in doing IVIG.

I actually took the news a little better than I thought I would. It's somewhat sad that I'm so used to disappointment.

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