Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad Timing Good Food

Why is it that things seem to happen but always at the wrong time? As the nurse was filling 15 vials with my blood so that I can be tested for any number of immune disorders that may be killing my babies, she mentioned that it would take around two and half weeks for the results to come back. Naturally, we don't want to start trying again until we know the results of the tests. So, although I've been waiting anxiously for my cycles to come back today was probably the worst day for it to actually happen. If today is cycle day 1, that means that we won't have the results back until I'm either just ready to ovulate or have already ovulated. I suppose if we get them back just in the nick of time, and assuming they come back normal, we could try on our own but doing an IUI is basically out of the running this cycle. The thought of sitting out a cycle is killing me inside but the thought of getting pregnant only to lose another baby is killing me even more.

On to good food!

My menu for today:

The muffin at breakfast was very moist and quite tasty. The yogurt was a tad tart for my taste but good nonetheless. I pitched the banana as I am a banana snob and prefer them still with a hint of green.

Pizza on a diet! Granted, it didn't have as much cheese as I would like but the peppers on top were a nice addition and this was pretty filling.

Instead of holding onto both of my snacks for the evening I forced myself to eat the buffalo chicken strip mid-afternoon. It was spicy and the pearl onions were awesome.

Dinner was stir fry, although stir fry with shredded carrots instead of rice. I love asparagus and roasted tomatoes so that helped spice up the chicken for me. One thing I tend to get really tired of on diets is how much chicken you seem to be expected to eat. When making future meal selections I'm going to try and make sure I'm not picking chicken for two meals/snacks in a day.

Yesterday I had a real dessert but today the dessert choices just didn't appeal to me so my dessert turned out to be a cheese and spinach stuffed sweet potato. Now, I've never really liked sweet potato but this was excellent!

I've enjoyed the two days of food so far so much that I extended my plan into next week. Hopefully the good food keeps up and the weight starts coming off.

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