Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And Some Bad News........

The immune testing results came in quicker than expected but the results were pretty much what I expected - my level of natural killer cells is elevated. Now, ask me what that means and all I can say is that some doctors theorize that my own immune system is attacking my babies and destroying the placenta. As the placenta is destroyed the baby perishes. Sounds pretty grim.

Notice that I said "some doctors", that's because there are an equal number of doctors who don't think elevated natural killer cells have any correlation to miscarriages. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I called five different doctors and asked what day of the week it was. I'll bet that I couldn't get them all to agree on that today is Wednesday.

The treatment for elevated NK cells is steroids and a series of IV infusions with either gamma globulin or intralipids (aka fat). The RE I am currently seeing using the more expensive gamma globulin. I would prefer to do the less expensive intralipids. The response I received was sure, you can go ahead with the intralipids but you'll need to find a doctor to prescribe it. Because just what you need when you're dealing with the stress of infertility, repeated miscarriages and treatment cycles is to have to coordinate multiple doctors and mulitple treatments all on your own. Why don't I just decide what IVF protocol to use as well?

So, putting aside IVF for a moment I thought I would call the clinic where our one little frozen embryo is and ask about doing a frozen transfer along with intralipids. I figured if they gave me an enthusiastic response I would take that as a sign that the FET is the way to go. Unfortunately, I got pretty much the same response. I need to find someone to prescribe it and coordinate that myself. Great, just great.

I feel stuck. I feel sad. I feel frustrated.

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