Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crazy Eights

I am eight weeks today and I am still pregnant. I had my third ultrasound on Monday and the little peanut was still in there with a beating heart. I was shocked, truly shocked, as I was expecting the worst. And, as I sit here today, I am still expecting the worst. What I was hoping for from the ultrasound was an answer but that never came. What I got instead was more of the same. The baby grew one week but is still measuring a full week behind. The baby's heart was still beating but the first reading was 117 (below the 120 they want to see) and although the second reading was 120 I was thinking it should be higher given that the week prior it measured 110 and 115. So, 120 means it didn't gain very many beats over the course of a full week. My progesterone was retested and my levels have fallen, although not below what is acceptable, but I would rather see them go up than go down. My hcg was also retested and this is where I really am concerned. At almost eight weeks pregnant my levels are barely 21,000. When I calculated the doubling time from my last beta it came out to SIX days. Now I know that the doubling time slows down the higher the numbers get but six days is outside of the norm even for higher levels. And so, I can't help but continue to think that something is wrong.

I have to wait two weeks now for my next ultrasound. Two excruciating weeks.

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