Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't They Know????

I went in Sunday afternoon to have my second blood draw and beta hcg test done. Then the waiting started. No results Sunday night. No results Monday morning. No result Monday afternoon. Multiple calls to the doctor's office yielded replies varying from "the numbers look great" to "we don't have the results back yet."

Don't they know I'm going out of my mind with worry? Don't they know that I can't sleep and when I do manage to sleep for an hour or so I dream about losing the baby? Don't they know I'm consumed every minute of every day with trepidation? It reminds me of that scene in Terms of Endearment when Shirley McClaine is screaming for the nurses to give her daughter the medicine. I was screaming inside my head at the lab techs, nurses and my doctor to just give me the damn result.

I made one last ditch effort to get the results around 4:00p.m. and was told that although they had the hcg results they couldn't tell them to me because the doctor hadn't reviewed them. I found that interesting and worrisome since the results from my first beta had been emailed to me prior to my doctor reviewing the. The nurse promised that someone would call me. No-one called.

At 11:01p.m. I received an email with my test results:

at 13dpo - hcg 65 and progesterone over 40.

So, it more than doubled in 48 hours and my progesterone is looking very good.

I wish I could just relax but I went in last night for a third beta and am right back where I was on Monday wondering if anyone even realizes how anxious I am to find out the results? Will I get a call today or will I have to wait until late tonight to find out the answer? I'm really finding it inexcusable that they can't result a simple hcg test in under 24 hours and call me with the results.

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