Sunday, February 7, 2010

Something Happened!

Sometimes when SB sits on the potty he'll exclaim "something happened" and everyone in the house will cheer because well you know, there is just very little more exciting than a three year old actually going potty in the potty. Sometimes it's a little sad how excited adults get over a child's bathroom habits. SB did have a pretty good potty day today, although he's still at the point where I have to tell him to go sit on the potty and not at the point I wish he were which would be him coming and telling me that he needs to use the potty, but that isn't the something happened that I'm talking about. This morning my temperature actually dropped enough for me to think that maybe, just maybe I am going to ovulate. Of course, my excitement was short lived because the ovulation test I did this afternoon came back negative. I refuse to give up all hope though and am hoping that something even more will happen in the next few days. Please keep your fingers crossed for me as my patience is wearing thin.

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