Friday, January 29, 2010

The Doctor Will See You Now

Okay, so not exactly right now but apparently the Super Doc has agreed to see me. How excited am I? Well, not as excited as I thought I would be and here's why:

Let's journey back to May when I found out that I have a Protein S Deficiency and my ob/gyn referred me to the Super Doc to get advice on doing anymore fertility treatments and also how not to have anything bad happen if I were to get pregnant. When I called to make the appointment a very nice nurse informed me that the Super Doc only sees women who are pregnant, not those who are merely hoping to get pregnant. Super Doc referred me to another doc who I ended up having a consultation with. The gist of the appointment was that although the clotting disorder has been know to cause fetal loss she wasn't concerned about that given my great history (at the time) of two successful pregnancies and no losses. She suggested 40mg of Lovenox once a day during any fertility treatments and also while pregnant. Her main concern was preventing me from forming another clot and there was no need to worry about the baby - or so she thought.

Now we're in October when I find out that I am pregnant and call my ob/gyn for a Lovenox prescription. He recommends doing 40mg twice a day. His theory is that Lovenox is made to be effective for 12 hours and so doing only one shot a day would only protect me from clots half of each day. That sounded like common sense to me and so I began doing a 40mg shot of Lovenox every morning and every night into my stomach.

Jump to the discussion with my ob/gyn regarding the pathology report on the placenta when he once again refers me to the Super Doc. I remind him that I was told she only sees pregnant women and he says that no, the magic password is "miscarriage" and I'll get an appointment. Because she's the Super Doc though there are no available appointments and I'm promised a call back. When nice nurse calls me back it's only to say that Super Doc has reviewed my records and doesn't think she really has anything more to say than what the doc she referred me to already has said. Really? She still doesn't think there is any need to be concerned about fetal loss even though I have now experienced it? I was very confused and almost felt stupid asking the nurse if Super Doc realizes that my son died because she's the Super Doc so shouldn't she know? Nice nurse goes on to say that she's called my ob/gyn and just wants to let him know why she doesn't think seeing me is necessary. Just great.

Now it's the next day and nice nurse calls to inquire if I can come in on February 22nd at 8:00am or was that too early for me? Joy of joys - Super Doc will see me! Or wait, why will Super Doc see me? Is it just a favor to my ob/gyn? Did their phone conversation go something like this:

Super Doc - Hi ob/gyn, I'm looking over this info and I don't think there is really anything I can add

Ob/gyn - Well Super Doc, my patient is pissed off, she's angry and she's bitter so I need someone else to deal with her

Super Doc - oh yea, I have a few patients like that myself

Ob/gyn - we all do, so can you just see her before she sues my ass?

Super Doc - okay, okay but you owe me, big time.

End of call.

So, is Super doc seeing me just to tell me all the same stuff I've already heard? Or, is she seeing me because she realized something is horribly wrong with me and something could go horribly wrong if I ever get pregnant again and so she must see me? None of those options are really good ones.

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