Saturday, June 27, 2009


I just watched the Brewer's make a great comeback to win in the bottom of the ninth while eating Smartpop sprayed with a little bit of cooking spray so that the parm cheese would stick. I try and not drink too much soda but every so often I get a craving so I had a Diet Dr. Pepper. The little pills are my Coumadin so not really a treat but necessary. Oh, and no, the sippy cup is not for me, it's SB's and I am just too lazy to get them off the counter.

Expect to see more pictures in future posts. I found some time today while SB napped to make a run over to Target. I intended to buy baby goods, you know, formula and diapers, but then I spied a fairly inexpensive, thin, digital camera. My camera is awesome but it is also huge so it's cumbersome to carry along to snap quick pics. Now with my new little camera I can just snap a pic of what I'm eating.

I also picked up this at Target:

It's an Archer Farms California salad and when eaten with only half the dressing it really isn't too big of a blow to my daily calorie count. It has wonderful goat cheese, walnuts, grapes, chicken and an awesome poppy seed dressing. This was a great lunch.

Dinner is normally pretty touch and go at our house. It takes a lot of planning, shopping, money and time to make dinner more nights than not and I'll admit to not planning, shopping, and taking the time enough to cook. Tonight I did manage to make dinner while the husband and SB were outside watering our garden.

I used these ingredients to make a light pasta salad:

Spinach - 3 cups
Feta cheese - 4 ounces G
Grape tomatoes - the entire container, I think it's 16oz
Rotini pasta - 1/2 the box (which makes 4 servings)

While I cooked QT just hung out in her Bumbo sucking her fingers. Yummy!

In order to keep things light I simply added some of the pasta water to the spinach, tomatoes and feta.

And this was the end result:

It was very good. Fresh and light but the husband and I both agreed that it was missing something, perhaps chicken.

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my hope my faith my love said...

I have tp try that salad from target, oh and you LO is adorable and getting so big!