Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Never Ever Shop Hungry

How many times have I read the advice to never shop when you're hungry? I guess the people writing that don't work full-time and never find themselves needing to stop at the store on their way home from work when they haven't eaten since lunch. Or, I'm just making excuses for what turned into a disaster of a grocery run.

All I wanted to do was pick up a few things for dinner tomorrow night because we're having friends over to grill out. First I spied the sushi bar and picked up some spring rolls and some California rolls. I figured these would be dinner. Next I hit up the produce section for some yummy Pink Lady apples and strawberries. My plan was to make strawberry shortcake for dessert tomorrow night so I stopped by the baked goods for an angel food cake. BIG MISTAKE. Right by the cakes were the special of the week - super good looking brownies dusted with powdered sugar, just how I like them. Ohhhhh, I wanted them so much and I decided to put them in my basket just in case I decided to buy them. Next it was on to the spices, then the dairy case for some Reddi Whip. Back in the day I was known for sometimes consuming almost an entire can of Reddi Whip by just putting it on a spoon and eating it. Next to the Reddi Whip were all the pre-made dips and I thought maybe I should pick one out for an easy appetizer. I settled a new cheese pretzel dip. Now that I had the pretzel dip I needed, you guessed it, pretzels. But, did I just buy pretzel sticks? Nope, I bought pretzel sticks and some garlic bread and cheese pretzel chunks. At this point I know I'm way off track and I need to get out of the store quickly before I buy any more "bad" foods. On my way to the checkout though I see cold Cokes and I think about how good a Coke would be with the pretzels so yep, I grab one. Ugh.

This is what my day looked like:

I had leftover asparagus frittata for breakfast along with some Cherub tomatoes.

Then, for lunch, I had a pita stuffed with turkey, broccoli slaw and slathered with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese and spicy brown mustard.

On the way home from work and the store I snacked on this:

Despite my "snack" I was still hungry and decided to still eat the sushi for dinner. It was very good.

After dinner all I could think about were the pretzel chunks and that Coke.

I'm embarrassed to even admit what happened next. I had yet another one of these:

Now I'm off to drink a gallon of water because for some reason I think that will help me not feel so bloated and sick from eating all the junk I had tonight.

Wish me a better day tomorrow.

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