Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Boyfriend's Back

Long before I met the husband, long before I even thought about having a husband, back when I was a mere 6 years old, I met a wonderful boy who went on to become my best friend. He is the brother I never had and the man I would probably of married had he not been well, uninterested in women. Anyway, when the husband and I began dating we both used to joke about my "other boyfriend" and once we got married it evolved into my "other husband." Having a back-up for the husband is wonderful and that is why although I was very happy when my other husband found a boyfriend of his very own, I was also a little sad. We all know what happens when a friend meets a new man, you see them less and less. And so it went until the other day when my other husband informed me that his relationship was ending. I wish it wasn't happening as I really want only good things and happiness for my other husband but there is that small part of me that is super excited because I have my boyfriend back.

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