Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet the newest QT

I can't really remember the last time I won an award but perhaps I should apply for worst blogger of the year.

I am pleased to introduce our newest QT. Quinn T. arrived prior to her scheduled induction in the early morning hours of Tuesday, February 24, 2009. She is all we hoped for and more.

So, since her true initials are QT that leaves me with the question of what to now refer to Shannon as. I suppose that I can just start calling him SB, short for Shannon bear, his nickname.

There has been lots of drama in the previous months and I hope to soon be able to post all the fun stories. Expect them to include:

1. A med-free birth kinda sucks
2. Blood clots kinda suck and
3. Potty training kinda sucks.

Anyone see a pattern forming?


shawna said...

She is beautiful and I love the name!

my hope my faith my love said...

So glad you are back in the blogging world! I missed you.

She is precious can not wait for mine to arrive.

As for potty trainng, we potty trained Avery for 5 months, I was frustrated... so one day I was home had her wear underwear all day and she peed on herself once, hated what it felt like and continued to pee in the potty all day, and ever since has been i underwear, and doing great. Only two accident since then. It may work, but I realize it might not work for everyone.