Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long Time No Blog

I had a doctor's appointment the other day and he was asking me about how things are going with work, home, etc. and although I think everything is going pretty well, I couldn't help but respond as to how tired I am all the time. ALL THE TIME. I can sleep for eight hours and not wake up refreshed. He responded with how that wasn't surprising considering that I work full-time, am 28 weeks pregnant and have a toddler at home. So, I am going to try and stop feeling guilty for feeling so worn out all the time and just accept what is and work through it. Needless to say, the things that have been falling by the wayside have been writing blog entries, amongst other things like grocery shopping and cleaning the house up.

One thing that has been taking my time is preparing QT's new big boy bedroom. I had all the plaster cracks in the spare bedroom patched which meant moving everything out of that room which actually worked out nicely since then it was empty when it came time to paint. I recruited one of my sisters and friend to help out with the painting. I managed to help for about five minutes before the fumes were just too much for me. So, lucky me got to supervise the kids while other people painted. I actually hate painting so it worked out nicely for me. Most of the painting is done but there is still some trim work and touching up to be done and I'm really hoping that gets done this weekend. I would love to be able to show QT his new bedroom on Christmas. His new bed was delivered the other day. Isn't it adorable:

I can't wait to put it together and see how it looks. QT was all excited when he saw the box and now he keeps begging me to "op it mommy, op it." I'm hoping that he'll be as excited when I ask him to sleep in it.

Another thing taking up my time is trying to refinance our mortgage. We have a first and a second mortgage and I really want to combine the two and get a lower interest rate. Everything seemed to be going fine until the appraiser pointed out that there is some chipping paint on our garage and some storm windows and apparently that is a concern when you're getting an FHA loan. An overly perky woman at the mortgage company called and in a super chipper voice told me that I'd have to have the garage door and storm windows scraped, sanded and painted prior to our being able to get the loan. Now, I live in Wisconsin and this woman is in Michigan so I can't imagine that the winters are all that different across Lake Michigan so I was astonished that she didn't see the little hitch in having scraping, sanding and painting done in the middle of winter. From everything I've read and heard the temperature ideally would be at least 50 degrees for painting exteriors and it certainly has to be above 35. None of this even takes into account the amount of snow that is now covering my basement storm windows and bottom portions of the garage. I'm frustrated by this and waiting and hoping to hear that there is some alternative.

Oh, and let's not forget Christmas. I think I did a pretty good job getting most of my gifts early this year and now they are wrapped and under the tree but like every year I am still trying to figure out what to get my father and brother-in-law. You'd think that my husband would be able to help me out with some suggestions but nope, I get nothing, nadda, when I question him as to what he thinks they may want. The only decision I've made regarding their gifts is that they will come from Kohl's since I have a 30% off coupon for Kohl's this week.

Right now I am going to spend my time eating. I've been doing a lot of that lately and I've even started gaining weight. I am still about 15 pounds under what I was when I got pregnant but hey who is complaining?

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my hope my faith my love said...

My BIL in hard to buy for, I always buy hima case of his favorite BEER, just a thought.