Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Political Confession

I am most likely NOT going to watch the presidential debate tonight. Instead, I will pick shows saved on my DVR and watch frivolous, meaningless television. Normally I love all things political but honestly, I think I'm burnt out on not just the presidential race, but all news. I read the newspaper every day and find that basically all it does is make me angry. Well, except for Miss Manners because her etiquette advice I always find to be so witty and charming. I aspire to be Miss Manners. But, back to news and politics, I'm tired of hearing promises from candidates that I know will never be kept, I'm tired of hearing one side bash the other when let's face it, they are all to blame for the mess our country is in, I'm tired of working hard and wondering if I'll be able to afford the baby I'm carrying much less ever have any more children since my taxes and just everyday expenses are so high. I'm tired of hearing how it's patriotic to pay taxes. Oh really? Ask the founding fathers that question. Clearly they didn't feel it patriotic to pay taxes given that the revolution was fought over the issue of taxes AND when this nation was founded there was no such thing as a federal income tax. Why we ever changed that I can't even begin to imagine. Also, if it's so darn patriotic to pay taxes then why do so many people in this country not only pay zero taxes but somehow, receive a tax "refund"? How can you get a refund for something you never even paid? It boggles my mind and makes my brain hurt. I'm getting a headache just writing this post and so I must stop. Tonight's viewing shall be an episode of Dexter and perhaps last night's House. Yes, that's what my world has come to, I would rather watch a show about a serial killer and a drug addicted doctor than watch the presidential candidates debate.

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