Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why I Don't Like the Color Brown

So, I had a bit of a freak out this morning. I had some brown tinged cm and all the worry that had started to go away after the ultrasound last week came flooding back and then some. I have NEVER spotted. I didn't spot at all during my pregnancy with QT and really, I've never spotted ever before. I didn't even need to Google "brown tinged cm in early pregnancy" to know that it would tell me that some spotting is perfectly normal and so long as it's not bright red and so long as I don't have cramping everything is probably just fine. But there's that word - probably. That means that something could be wrong. I stopped myself from running to the phone and calling my clinic because really, what could they do? Technically I was released from their care last week and I did have an appointment scheduled with my ob/gyn in the afternoon. I pulled myself together, told myself it would all be okay, and made my way to work. There I proceeded to use the restroom more times in the four and a half hours I was there than I have in the last four and a half months. A little more brown but if I hadn't been really looking for it I never would have noticed it. Why must I torture myself?

The doctor visit went well. He was running late, as always, but when he came in the room he was super excited that I was pregnant. I had to laugh when he asked if it had happened "naturally." Nope, this was definitely a drug induced pregnancy. He reviewed my paper work from the clinic, saw that I had already had an ultrasound and yelled out to the nurse to cancel the order for an ultrasound. What??? No! I want another one. I quickly mentioned the brown spotting and my freaking out about it and then I didn't even have to ask him if I could still have the ultrasound because before I could say anything else he yelled back to the nurse and told her to go ahead and schedule one. So, that is how I got my second ultrasound today. I got to see the little guy again and the tech even checked the heart rate which was 137. Dr. Google assures me that is a good heart rate for a 7w2d old fetus. The tech also said that I was measuring right on time. Whew! Crisis averted, for now at least.

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Crystal said...

Glad you got some peace of mind! I was told with DD that spotting around 8w is normal, especially if you have a tipped uterus (I do, anyway), because the weight of the embryo starts to shift it a tiny bit or something. That could be total B.S., but it sure made me feel better! It turned out to be nothing to worry about with my pg, and I'm sure it is with yours, too. Congrats again!