Wednesday, July 2, 2008

T Minus 11 Hours

It's shaping up to be a long day tomorrow. I have to rise and shine early and be out of the house by 5:45 a.m. so that I can drive to Gurnee for my second beta at 7:00 a.m. Then it's driving back to Milwaukee and to work worrying the entire time about what the beta will be. After work I have acupuncture and if I'm lucky I'll get home before QT is in bed.

I was at Target today and wandered into the newborn clothing section. Oh my goodness, there was the cutest polka dot pajamas. I almost scooped them up and bought them but then stopped myself and made myself promise not to buy anything for this baby until I know the sex. After all, what little boy wears green, yellow and pink polka dots?

Sooooo, if I can't buy baby clothes that can only mean one thing, that I will start buying maternity clothes! I've already picked out a few things on that I want to get. I did save every last piece of maternity clothes from the last time around but I was pregnant in the summer and this will be mainly a winter pregnancy (at least that's when I'll be beached whale huge). I always hear women say how they don't want or don't like being pregnant in the summer but really, I think winter will be worse. It means having to find a maternity winter coat. It means pulling on boots and trudging through the snow with a huge pregnant belly. I'm up to the challenge but in the end I'm sure I will have found sunny August easier to handle.

I bought a pregnancy journal today. One of the questions is why did you first suspect that you were pregnant. Do you know what it was? I can no longer eat as much as I used to. Isn't it amazing that pregnancy seems to be the most effective diet I've ever been on? Maybe there really is something to that HCG diet I've read about.

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shawna said...

I agree about not being able to eat as much. Good Luck tomorrow!