Wednesday, July 9, 2008

PIO is now to be called PIA

Every ivf girl knows that PIO stands for progesterone in oil, the most dreaded shot of the entire ivf process. The needle is longer and thicker than the ones used for the stimulating drugs and the shots must be administered into a muscle, not just under the skin like for stims. For most women their partners do the shots for them. It's a way to get them involved and a way for us to not have to contort ourselves to try and give ourselves shots in the behind, not to mention, the sheer fear of doing such. Unfortunately for me, the husband is gone this entire week. I don't really have anyone else that I would feel comfortable asking to give me the PIO shot so I've been doing them myself. Here's the procedure:

I choose to do them sitting down and always in my right hip because I am right handed. I load the syringe with the PIO and then I pick the spot I want to stick. I move my hand back and forth in a darting motion trying to get up the courage to actually jab it into my skin. This goes on for, two, three, no jab, one, two, three, no jab, one, two, three, buck up and just do it already, jab! Taking the needle out is perhaps even more nerve racking than sticking it in. You see, there is often blood, and sometimes lots of blood, after the needle comes out. My biggest fear this week is that I will run out of places to stick myself since I am not switching sides. I already have huge bruises from past sticks so it's limiting where I can put new ones. Not to mention that if I brush up against something just right I can feel the soreness of all those jabs. Even just carrying my purse causes discomfort because it rubs right where the bruises are.

And so, for all these reasons, I am declaring that PIO, progesterone in oil, should now forever be called PIA, for pain in my ass, literally.


shawna said...

I second that! They seem to get so much worse as time goes on, not the actual needle, but the bruises. Good Luck with the remaining shots. I hope that your husband returns soon.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry... I've definitely heard of the horrors of PIO before. How long into your pg do you have to continue them?

Kelly said...

Hey baby4ot! I see you are starting a blog. Very exciting :-)
They said I will continue the PIO until I'm 10 weeks. I know some clinics have you go through 12 weeks so I'm a little nervous about stopping at 10 weeks even though I'd love to stop doing them.

Crystal said...

Wow--you're a badass as far as I'm concerned! =)