Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Little Gummy Bear

After waiting over 45 minutes in the waiting room we finally got moved back to the exam room where we waited another 15 minutes. This whole time I am repeating over and over and over to myself that everything is going to be alright and even though I'm only 6 weeks and 3 days that there will be a strong heartbeat or two visible. Finally in walks the Russian ultrasound tech and my heart sinks because in all my past visits she never let me see the screen and I only truly understand about every other words she says. Thankfully, one minute later in walked Dr. Sherbahn. He did the scan and once he had located the little guy he turned the screen towards me so I could see. He did a scan of my entire uterus and there is only one little gummy bear in there. It's crazy how small the baby is at this point and even crazier how you can actually see a little white flicker which is the beating heart.

Here, see for yourself:

The circle is the yolk sack and the fetal pole is to the right between the cursors

On a totally unrelated subject, can someone please explain to me why QT loves going to the local wading pool, will sit down and even lay down in the water, but when it comes time to take a bath he screams and cries and refuses to even sit in the tub? Ahhhh, the mysteries of toddlerhood.


Lisa said...

Congrats on the strong heartbeat! How are you feeling about there being one baby in there?

my hope my faith my love said...

CONGRATS on the Gummy bear, I am so jealous.

As for the water, DD LOVES the water, pool or bathtub, bu some nights getting her into the bathtub is a struggle b/c she knows I will be washing her hair, which she hates.

I am not sure if this will work for a Boy but lately I have been giving her a mirror to watch me wash her hair, she thinks it is funny then she will allow me to take the soap out after she sees her hair all soapy.

Crystal said...