Monday, July 7, 2008

March 9, 2009

That is my due date.

Yesterday I was at a family cookout and one of my cousins asked the dreaded question "so when will QT be getting a little brother or sister?" But, you know what? I was more than happy to respond with "March 9, 2009." At first she just kind of stared wondering how I could know the exact date I would have my next child and then it dawned on her that I am pregnant. It was fun just watching her react.

My parents have become quite found of saying that I am going to have quads. Now, for that to happen I would need both embryos to have split into identical twins and then every one implanted. Do you have any idea what the odds of that are? I know they are saying it because they don't really understand the ivf process that well and everyone assumes that high order multiples are a result of ivf even though in reality it's normally from iui's, but, at the same time, I would have liked a hearty congratulations from them instead of instant questioning as to our decision to try for a second child.

It is going to be a weird week. First, I'm worrying a lot about the upcoming ultrasound. I wish it was this week instead of next so that I could just put my mind at ease. Second, the husband is gone the entire week taking his preliminary exams for his PhD. I know how much pressure he's under and so I hate that he's alone the whole time. Oh, and I don't really like being home for an entire week without him. Third, QT is going to be staying overnight with his grandparents tomorrow and possibly even Wednesday night. What will I do in my not so big house all by myself for two nights in a row? Normally I'd open a bottle of wine and watch bad yet can't stop watching them movies but I'm pregnant so that cuts out the wine. But, I suppose I can still watch the movies. Yesterday I caught Center Stage. If you haven't seen it, I don't recommend it, even though I have seen it at least five times.

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my hope my faith my love said...

My birthday is March 7th, maybe you will have the baby on my B-day!