Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

Last week found me agonizing over my pregnancy journal from when I was pregnant with QT. Apparently, that go round my morning sickness started in the fifth week. I was five weeks last week and nothing, and if fact, it seemed as though I had gotten my big appetite back. I was concerned and told myself that I would actually welcome feeling sick to my stomach at the mere thought of food because it would reassure me that things were progressing normally. After all, QT is a healthy, normal child and so if this pregnancy was the same wouldn't the result be the same? I know, faulty logic.

Monday I was exactly six weeks. Monday I started feeling queasy at all times of the day. Tuesday found me racking my brain to figure out what to eat at each meal time. No food seems appealing and so my meals have been an odd hodge-podge of crackers, cheese and whatever else seems to not make me feel sick just thinking about it. Today finds me running to the bathroom only to gag a whole lot but never actually throwing up. Ahhhh, the joys of morning sickness.

These new developments do make me feel more certain that the ultrasound tomorrow will go well but now I'm starting to worry about what if this morning sickness never goes away? What if it's a repeat of throwing up for eight months culminating in throwing up seven times during labor? Ugh. Now that is something I haven't wished for!

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shawna said...

I am exactly 6 weeks today, and the nausea definitely started today. Yay! While it sucks, it is very reassuring. Good Luck tomorrow!