Monday, May 19, 2008

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Or, more accurately, what would you do for a Trader Joe's chocolate ice-cream bon bon? I spent entirely too much time shopping on Saturday, buying foods I shouldn't be eating, clothes that I don't need and shoes that I really, really, really don't need.

So, to catch up, here is the rundown of how last week went:

Thursday - good day at work, friend had her egg retrieval and they got more eggs than she had follicles so that was great news, and I was so looking forward to my acupuncture appointment when the guy next to me went straight instead of turning left and ran right into my car. I think I handled it pretty well and was even able to laugh about it. That's easier to do when no-one is hurt and your car is still drivable. I ended up missing my acupuncture session because I was busy reporting the accident to the police, who in turn told ME to fill out the accident report form and then send it off to the Department of Transportation. Since when did I become a police officer? When did the police stop doing accident reports? If the guy who hit me didn't fully admit to being at fault who would then make that determination?

Friday - another good day at work, talked to insurance company about car accident and finalized the prescription order for all the many IVF drugs. Wow, there's a lot of them and it's a lot of money. My payment was $518 but the price without insurance would have been over $5,000. The Gonal-F alone is over $4,000. What is it, liquid gold? The drugs should arrive tomorrow and I'm sure then things will seem more "real." Right now I'm just popping a birth control pill every morning and it doesn't feel like it's enough.

Today my friend told me that her egg transfer went well. They had four grade A eight-cell embryos and they transfered two of them on Sunday. The two other grade A, along with two grade B embryos were frozen. Almost everything I've read talks about waiting it out until day 5 before freezing but they froze hers on day three. That lead me to google like mad about which is better and from what I found it sounds as though it's better to freeze on day 3. But, if there is a higher implantation rate with day 5 embryos then what? Is it better to transfer and freeze on day 3 or wait it out and hope like heck you have something left come day 5? I'm seeing having any frozen embryos as a huge bonus but is it strange that I'm actually hoping we don't get too many? The husband and I both have some reservations regarding creating embryos and agreed that any we have and are frozen we will use in the future. Neither of us can see voluntarily having them destroyed and although at some point we may agree to give them to another woman it would be weird to think of our biological child being raised by someone else and our children not knowing their sibling/s.

Wednesday is my third wedding anniversary. I got the husband a new pair of sandals. How romantic is that?

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