Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spoke too soon

Losing weight? Ha! Apparently all it took was me writing about how I'm finally losing weight for me to stop eating better and stop losing weight. It just seems that every time I turn around someone is inviting me out to dinner or brining junk food into my house. I know those aren't really good excuses because I am the one who chooses to eat the wrong foods or to eat too much but it is easier to stay on track when there is little to no temptations. I only have two to three more weeks before I'll start the stimulation drugs so I need to get back on track asap..........or, right after dinner out tonight..........

I talked to my RE yesterday and he has decided on a micro-dose Lupron flare protocol. Assuming I'm not pregnant, and we are all assuming that aren't we, I should be starting the birth control pills next week. I'm excited and nervous. Most times I just have this feeling that ivf will work for me, and on the first try, but then I remind myself that the odds aren't really that great and I should assume the first one won't work and set my sights on having a second. But, I can't get rid of that feeling that it will work. I think I'm over confident because we had a natural pregnancy.

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shawna said...

Good Luck!! My RE did say that having a successful prior pregnancy increases the odds for success.