Friday, May 23, 2008

average number of eggs retrieved in a micro dose lupron flare protocol

Yes, I really did just google that. The closer I get to actually starting this ivf cycle the more I wonder, no, it's more like worry, about whether or not I'm doing the right protocol. I know that it's impossible to know if it's the right protocol until we're in the midst of it but shouldn't there be some hard and fast rules about all this? People with fsh under 10 get this, people with fsh over 10 get this, etc.? I don't think I'd be questioning this nearly as much if the new, new RE had stuck with what he originally suggested to us, which was an antagonist protocol using Ganirelix. I have a friend who just finished an IVF cycle using a Ganirelix protocol and she had 9 eggs retrieved, which was great considering her high fsh. My fsh is technically in the normal range and so I'm wondering why I'm doing what seems to be considered the protocol of last resort. It's like being on the short bus to go to grade school. I feel as though he has no faith in my ovaries to produce good eggs and isn't even willing to give them a chance to show him what they can do. And I know they can do well, I have a child for god's sake. I love the instant access to information that the internet affords and yet let's face it, it is a curse much of time. Sometimes not knowing really is better and back in the day I would have just accepted my doc's recommendation, trusting that his medical wisdom certainly was better than anything I could ever come up with because basically I would have nothing to come up with. But now I can come with a hundred studies saying that such and such may work better and a hundred more that say we're doing the exact right thing. I won't know which is really right for me for another month. That's going to be a long wait!

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