Saturday, January 5, 2008

Still infertile, still fat

So it's been a while but sadly, not much has changed. I'm still infertile and still fat. My New Year's resolutions are to get pregnant and to lose weight.......but not at the same time obviously (although read the post below and you'll see that pregnancy by far was the easiest diet I've ever been on.)

Here's the update: I'm beginning my 15th cycle of ttc today. This past cycle was a very difficult one. It was my 6th round of Clomid and my second time using the progesterone. Around 9dpo I had a big temperature spike and my chart was triphasic for a brief while. I started thinking that this could really be it, that I could be pregnant, but then my temps came crashing down and that was the end of that dream.

This cycle I won't be taking anymore Clomid but I'm hoping to keep using the progesterone as that is the only thing so far that has really increased my luteal phase. I am seeing the new RE on Thursday and will see what he thinks about continuing to use it. As my cycle has already begun and I don't see the RE for another week I'm calling this cycle my "Back to Basics" cycle. I'm going to keep charting, use my cbefm and try and time things the best I can. Other than that I'm going to try and not obsess the heck of things. I have an acupuncture appointment next week as well and am still trying to decide if I'm going to continue taking the Chinese herbs. Did I mention that the acupuncturist is pregnant? Yep, she can get pregnant but most of her patients can't. Isn't that ironic? Anyway, she's due in under six weeks so this may be the last cycle I have before she's on maternity leave.

So, with a plan for ttc being imminent once I see the RE, that leaves me with putting a plan into place to lose weight. I've decided on returning to a low-carb diet. I've printed off probably 100 recipes and am making my grocery list today so that I can go tomorrow and be prepared. I always find preparation to be the key. It's when I don't plan out my meals that I run into trouble. The husband has agreed to give it a try with me but I'm doubting that he really means it. He loves pasta, rice, etc. and so I know that it will be hard for him to give those things up. Not to mention that he practically lives to drink Limeaide. I'm hoping that he really does stick to it but honestly right now I'm more focused on achieving my own weightloss goals.

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