Sunday, October 7, 2007


You know those Mastercard commercials where they list off a bunch of expenses and then come up with one priceless thing that is just worth every penny you just charged (at 22% interest)? Well, as I was writing out my check to the acupuncturist for my needle treatment and herbs I started making up my own commercial in my head. It goes something like this:
Fertility Monitor : $100 off Ebay
Sticks to use with Fertility Monitor: $30 from
Opks to use in case Fertility Monitor isn't working correctly: $30 from local grocery store
Clomid: $15 from Walgreens
Mucinex to try and counteract bad Clomid side effects: $20 from Walgreens
Green tea for the same reason: $3.50 from local grocery store
Acupuncture treatment: $60
Custom made herbal formula: $40 from acupuncturist
Prenatal vitamins: $30 from Walgreens
Pregnancy tests: $30 from Walgreens
Seeing two pink lines come up on the test: priceless.
But you see, it's not priceless because it does come with both a monetary and physical price. For some women it's very expensive to get pregnant and for all women it's very expensive to have children.

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