Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm feeling hot, hot, hot

Traditional Chinese Medicine prescribes hot foods for people like me -spleen and kidney chi deficiencies and a cold uterus. Doesn't "cold uterus" just sound horrible? To try and correct these imbalances I am trying to eat more hot foods like soup and less cold foods like salads or ice-cream. I figure though that something like a salad is still acceptable given it's good nutrients. My real downfall comes with room temperature foods like chips. I definitely crave chips more than I do candy, although with all the Halloween candy around I've been eating my fair share of that too.

Yesterday I ran into the store to buy milk and just milk and ended upcoming out with $70 worth of groceries. How does that happen? I'll tell you how, first, buy organic whole milk for your child at $6.29 a gallon,then, because you are trying to eat healthier and hotter foods, buy pumpkin bisque and veggie soup from the fancy section of the store, top that off with some organic, whole grain pasta frozen dinners, walnuts because everyone keeps saying they are a super food and round it out with honeycrisp apples at over $1 a piece, a pineapple, organic baby lettuces and organic fat-free salad dressing and you end up spending way more than you ever thought possible. I guess I feel a little better knowing that I side-stepped all the temptation and only bought good for me foods but it's still depressing to see how much I spend every week.

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