Monday, October 29, 2007

What kind of watch doesn't tell time........the OvWatch!

Having a slow rise kinda sucks. My temps go up a tad and then seem to get stuck for about three days before I get a big enough rise to consider that ovulation has taken place. Am I ovulating the day before the big rise, the day before the little rise or somewhere in between? I've been charting, usings opks and the Clear Blue monitor to try and pinpoint it with varying success. A while back I read about the OvWatch which claims to give you four days notice of ovulation. It looks like a sports watch and you just wear it for at least six hours a day or at night and then it will give you a reading. I decided to buy it as one more way to try and see when exactly I ovulate. Well, after spending quite a bit of money on this new device and wearing it for 15 nights, I just got my first fertility reading. So, according to the OvWatch I won't ovulate until day 19. Now I know that can't be right. The latest I've ever ovulated is day 16 and this month I got a postive opk on day 13. I'm pretty disappointed that the OvWatch turned out to be such a waste of money. OvWatch be damned! I intend on ovulating either today or tomorrow.


Unknown said...

You can get a temp rise up to 6 days prior to ovulation and up to 4 days afterwards. The LH sticks can show you are ovulating at diffrent times of the month. Trust the OV-Watch it will only give you fertile readings if you body is getting ready to ovulate.

Kelly said...

I think my body was getting ready to ovulate and that the watch did figure that out but that it is just incorrect about the day. I'm pretty sure now that I ovulated on cd 15 which is also the day OvWatch said fertile day one. If I just believe the OvWatch then I'd have to plan on ovulating on cd18 or 19. My cycles are, on average, 26 days so that would leave me with a luteal phase of only 7 days and that would be a much bigger problem than whether or not the OvWatch is working.

Unknown said...

Kelly what makes you think you ovulated on day 15? have you gone for any testing yet regarding your fertility?