Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh the Places You'll Go.......or not go as the case may be

If you've ever read the Dr. Seuss book, Oh the Places You'll Go, you'll know that it really is a good reflection of the journey of life. Sometimes things are great and sometimes they aren't. Sometimes everything goes your way and you're soaring high and other times nothing goes your way and you're pretty low. And, sometimes you are just stuck waiting. Waiting is portrayed as a very bad place to be as you are neither here nor there but stuck somewhere in between. Just think of all the times you've spent waiting for something, waiting to be 16 so you could get your driver's license, waiting to be 21 so you could (legally) drink, waiting for the phone to ring so you would have a date on Friday night, waiting to hear if you landed your dream job, waiting for the man who did actually call to finally propose marriage, waiting to get pregnant, waiting until you have enough money and are old enough to retire, waiting for the kids to be out of the house. Oh wait, I'm not that far yet, nowhere near retirement and kids being out of the house so let's go back to that waiting to get pregnant one, because that is where I am. I am waiting, actively waiting, but waiting nonetheless.

I did very little waiting to have my first child. Obviously I did the standard nine months of waiting once I became pregnant, but I only had to wait one month to get pregnant. We are blessed with a little boy who is mostly grins, giggles and goodness.

I had QT* in late September and we began trying for a second child in January. Why so quick you ask? Well, at the ripe old age of 35, times a wastin'. Did you know that once you hit 35 you are labled as being AMA? That stands for advanced maternal age. So, I'm advanced! Somehow, in this context, I'm guessing that advanced isn't such a good thing. I wanted to start trying again right away in the hopes of being pregnant before QT's first birthday, having my second baby when I was 36, leaving me hopefully time to have at least one more child. As of this morning, my hopes have been dashed and I'm in the dreaded waiting room, waiting to get pregnant again.

*QT is a nickname for our son since he is such a cutie

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