Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Doctor on call

It can take a lot for someone to surprise me in a good way but my ob/gyn has just managed to do just that. While I am on Clomid I fax him my temperature chart after each failed cycle. Well, I did that this morning and just got off the phone with him now, at 9:30pm. How many doctors do you know who are calling their patients in the evenings, well after office hours?

Now onto the plan: He wants me to take this month off from Clomid. I've done three cycles now, each at 50mg, and have only seen a modest increase in my luteal phase length. What's a luteal phase you ask? Oh, to be so naive and innocent again. For the record, the luteal phase, or lp as it is known in the trying to conceive (ttc) community, is the number of days from when you ovulate until you get your period. 14 days is average, 12 is okay, anything under 10 is bad. Mine have been typically 9 to 11 days since having my son. If we're not successful this cycle then it's back to the Clomid but at 100mg for another two cycles. I don't really want to think beyond that as I want to try and remain as upbeat and positive about the upcoming cycle and not curse myself to failure by planning what to do if we fail. Does planning for failure ensure failure or is it smart to think ahead just in case? I shall ponder that question as I fall asleep tonight.

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